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3.1_doradztwoWe advise Clients in projects of direct communication with Customers. We specialize in processes within the area of Winning Over and Providing Services to Customers. All sales support projects have an element of building relationships with final Customers. We care for high-quality customer service. This influences Clients greater satisfaction and at the same time has an impact on greater effects of particular campaigns.
We possess a unique knowledge and big experience, therefore we can accurately forecast the growth of results.
While supervising the course of the Projects, we take responsibility for the obtained results.

Modern CC system. 

3.2_systemyThe Company is in possession and makes modern, integrated multichannel systems available in order to lead video conferences Contact Center and other channels of direct communication.
The equipment is provided to us by companies being leaders on international markets and specializing in Contact Center solutions( Sytel), CRM (update software AG).

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Databases, leads and mail-order campaigns.


Our work consists in lending bases to telemarketing, mail-orders: email, SMS,  voice mailing and traditional ones.

We provide our Customers with exceptional reserves of effective bases of potential Customers.
In total, we have more than 90 million records, including 70 million records from international markets.
We enable to win over B2B and B2C Customers. The relevance of bases is more than 90%.
Relying on our consultancy and proper database management, our Clients obtain better results.

In response to individual orders, we generate shaped leads from the Internet and other communication channels. They increase effectively the effects of winning over Clients.

In mail-order-related campaigns, we:

  •  Advise and prepare a graphic concept
  •  We make a creation for sending email and SMS

The offered potential of databases in Poland in millions of records.
Earmarked for campaign in the form of:

The offered potential of databases is more than 100 million records, including the Polish market:
22,0 million records of individual consumers (B2C) and 6,6 million records for business (B2B).
Market Total records e-mail Call Center SMS Shipping traditional
B2C 22,0 5,4 18,1 6,9 10,1
B2B 6,6 1,1 4,8 2,1 4,8
Total 28,6 6,5 22,9 9,0 14,9
Offered potential of databases on the international market in millions of records. Earmarked for campaign in the form of: bazy_danych_3.3
Market Total records e-mail Call Center SMS Shipping traditional
B2C 68,1 68,1      



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