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Case study

Case study

Since 1994,  PCM company has executed many prestigious Projects which ended up with spectacular success. We have supported our Clients in winning over thousands and sometimes even millions of Customers.
We have supported our Customers in solid and professional service provided to their Clients.
Usually, we have introduced to each Project implemented within our Company innovative, reliable, effective solutions.
Presently, many of our Customers are Leaders in their line of business. 100 biggest companies are mentioned in the rankings.

How do we do that?

We look for the competitive advantage in our Customers’ products or services. We analyze the target group, processes and results to date. We apply unique ideas. We stand out from many good companies on the market as we can professionally and accurately plan all processes during the whole period of so-called Customer’s existence.
Together with our Clients, we plan the course and results of the Project. We always provide reliable information.

Usually,  each Project is preceded with tests. We monitor and analyze jointly the partial and final results.
During the realization of the Project, we make corrections to the processes, conversation scripts, databases and their criteria of selection.
Together with Customers’ representatives, we always work over achieving better and better results.
A combination of Customers’ knowledge and experience with our know-how and big, twenty-year lasting experience, is a guarantee of success if accompanied by partnership cooperation.


That is why we may easily state that a stable, partnership cooperation with us bears fruit.
This results in constant increase of the quantity and quality of Customers, a growth of income and profitability of our Customers.

Case study 13

Project: Handling the Project on Consultancy Service for Users realized in the form of Call Center within the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity for the Ministry of Economy. Mark: 100%.
Client: Ministry of Economy.
Market: service provided to the Municipal Councils, Companies, Private Entrepreneurs.
Scope of services: providing additional information through the hotline Call Center to the officials and clerks operating the Project, to Companies and Private Entrepreneurs on the new, digital Project.
Effects: Support provided in initiating the Project to the Ministry of Economy in order that, starting from July 1, 2011, each entrepreneur could register his/her company through the Internet using the application of the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity..
At the tender stage, the offer presented by the Company received 100% points out of 100 possible. The initiation of the hotline and acquiring wide knowledge by the Consultants in a relatively short time proceeded efficiently.
We obtained a high evaluation of our work while executing the Project.

Case study 12

Project: Soliciting and building up of relationship with canvassed Clients.
Client: business line
Market: mainly B2C Customers, but also B2B.
Service scope: lending the base, generating leads, soliciting Clients, building relations. Measuring the Clients satisfaction indicator. Additional sale of services.
Effects: We helped the Client to build a very good relationship with current and potential customers.
In the assessment of his Clients, our Client got the first place in service quality and Clients’ satisfaction. That is why our Client reduced by several dozen percent the cost of soliciting the Client.
The dynamics of income increase reached 60-70 %. The dynamics of profitability is also high. The company systematically and dynamically increases the market shares.

Case study 11

Project: Consulting and support in sales.
Client: Publishing house
Market: B2B Customers, large and medium-sized companies.
Service scope: soliciting Clients B2B, additional sales, Clients’ service. Completion of many actions during the whole Client’s life span.
Effects: During the long standing cooperation with PCM, the Client reaches 2-3 times longer life span of the Client comparing to the average in the branch (in the period 10 years before). During this time (during the last 10 years), in most rival companies the average Client’s life span was reduced by more than three times comparing to the average in the branch (in the period 10 years before). We significantly helped to increase ARPU. The income and the profitability of our Client increased a year after the other.

Case study 10

Project: arranging business meetings
Client: leading company in the line branch of direct sales
Market: B2B Customers
Service scope: lending the base, arranging meetings, additional sales to current Clients, examining Clients’ satisfaction.
Effects: After an almost one-year-lasting cooperation with PCM, on the basis of achieved results, the Client reported an increase in the quantity of distributors and income by several dozen comparing to the previous year.
As a result of common success, we planned a double increase in the income in the next three years. The income was counted as reaching several hundred mln zloties.

Case study 9

Project: Internet locator zumi.pl
Client: onet.pl (with Client’s consent)
Market: B2B Customers, but also users are B2C Customers.
Service scope: drawing up an effective action plan for the zumi.pl Project as to gathering additional information from potential Clients zumi.pl and getting consents for placing the company on the zumi.pl portal.
Lending our own effect base for the Project and complementing the initial set with other data bases.
Carrying out conversations with a group of about 1,5 mln people managing companies in the period of 12 months.
Adjusting the base following EKD division to 20 000 product groups. Updating the data by phone, getting additional information about leading products of each company and getting consents for placing the company on the zumi.plportal .
Effects: Getting about 1 mln consents from companies interested in placing them on the zumi.pl portal.
The portal contains more than 4 mln users. The dynamics of the income increase amounts to 30 – 50% a year. It belongs to the highly profitable Projects in the onet.pl group – data collected in 2012.

Case study 8

Project: Partnership project cross selling
Client: Bank PKO BP and Amplico Life (at present MetLife Amplico) with both companies consent.
Market: current Customers of the bank of the B2C market.
Service scope: additional sale of credit cards for the bank Clients and soliciting new Clients for Amplico Life.
Effects: additional sale of 36,9 % credit cards and soliciting 20 % (to the base) and 26,6% (to conversations) new Clients for the insurer. The project is described in literature by Mariusz Trojanowski, PhD ‘Direct Marketing, Conceptions, Management, Tools’.

Case study 7

Project: full support in the field of communication with Clients.
Client: telecommunication line
Market: B2C and B2B Customers ( mainly SMEs)
Service scope: Location of Clients, soliciting new Clients. Anti-churn actions (maintenance). Change of the agreement by phone with Clients from the Company placed in the new company and taking over the Client’s business.
Effects: During intensive cooperation with PCM in two subsequent years, the Client reached a considerable increase in the financial net result. In the base year, he had a loss, whereas in the following two years of cooperation with PCM, each year he reported a net profit higher by 15% in a highly competitive market.

Case study 6

Project: consulting, lending of the base, soliciting and keeping Clients, increase of their value.
Client: new company in telecommunication services
Market: B2C and B2B Customers ( mainly SMEs)
Service scope: full realization of communication services with Clients, together with supervision of courier work while gathering the Agreements signed by Clients. Realization of strategic Clients’ projects.
Effects: In the first five cooperation years, our Client got the highest, more than 4% participation in the structure of local connections as for the movement in the highly competitive market of telecommunication services. On the basis of independent examinations of the Clients, our services were always evaluated at the highest level during the whole 9 years of cooperation.

Case study 5

Project: Support of a big information bureau, lending data bases, shipment. Services provided from the start of liberalisation of the telecommunication market for a period of several cooperationyears.
Client: leading company in Poland from the telecommunication line.
Market: B2C and B2B Customers (from micro by SMEs to corporations)
Service scope: organization and support of the information bureau, providing information and encouraging the Client to choose our Clients’ services. A properly-encouraged potential Client (Lead) was processed for phone sales department of our Client in order to conclude an agreement. Providing bases in order to solicit Clients and planning our Clients’ strategic investments.
Effects: our services influenced the increase of our Client’s participation in the fifth year of our cooperation by 88% additionally comparing to the previous year.

Case study 4

Project: Launching of a new product.
Client: Digital Television.
Market: B2C Customers.
Service scope: consulting. Organization and training of a 500-people- team for the support of the information bureau. Support of a big information bureau. Organization of cyclic multi-element, personalized shipments. Verification of potential Clients as for credit rating. Cross and up selling. Organization and support of loyalty programmes, together with the organization of purchase and installation processes of aerials on the roof. Anti-churn actions. Increase of the quantity and value of the Clients.
Effects: In the first months helped raise CP 100 000 customers.
Help in obtaining position no 1 on the Polish market and one of the biggest companies in the line on the EU market.

Case study 3

Project: Polsat passports.
Client: Digital Television
Market: B2C Customers.
Service scope: consulting, construction of data bases, everyday deduplication of the base with very big quantities, base management. Lending of the base to Business Partners always with the consent of the base owner.
Effects: Building a base of a volume of 1,7 mln records in two months, which was used to very rapid development of the Project Cyfrowy Polsat.

Case study 2

Project: Full service of a big loyalty programme,
Client: leading, world concern in the line of oil and lubricant.
Market: mainly B2C Customers, but also B2B.
Service scope: adjusting the programme to the Polish market. Creating the base, targeted communication, personal communication with the drivers. Ordering and shipment of chosen prizes. Monitoring of all processes.
Effects: in the third year of Programme existence, our Client reached a dynamics of income of 154% comparing to the previous year.

Case study 1

Project: Support in sales of Share Certificates
Client: Bank
Market: B2C Customers.
Service scope: consulting in soliciting Clients’ confidence, organization and service of all direct communication with Clients, organization of lottery, issuing of prizes after paying stamp duties by the laureates.
Effects: 96 % of sold Shared Certificates compared to all the entitled (adult people).


Case study

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